At&t Wireless Charger Not Working (Fixed)

At&t wireless charger has three variants 5W,10W & 15W. Wireless charging is slower than wired charging; therefore, a little hurdle can interrupt the charging process. No need to worry; it scan techy with you has some possible reason why your At&t wireless charger is not working and how you can fix them.

AT&T Wireless Charger Not Working

How to fix if At&t wireless charger not working?

There are some basic common problems and fixes with all wireless chargers.

You may check them out first. 

  • Use a compatible power adapter 
  • Use a compatible USB charging cable
  • Switch into a suitable wall plug
  • Be sure that the device is placed on the charging pad correctly
  • Check if the green light turns on; then its means your device is placed perfectly 

Now let’s briefly talk about why your At&t wireless charger is not working. 

Power Adapter

A compatible power adapter for the charging pad is needed to use it.

As we know, wireless charging is not fully wireless; we even need to connect the charging pad with a power source through a power adapter and USB charging cable. So first, check what variant of At&t wireless charging you are using.

According to your charging pad power, you need to connect a compatible power adapter with it, i.e. if you are using At&t wireless charger 10 W, then you need to connect it with a power source with a power adapter having the output of min 10 W.

Try some other power adapter with your charger and check if it is working or not. 

Charging Cables 

I think you have to also check the charging cable you are using to give power to your At&t wireless charger.

Try another charging cable with a power adapter; maybe your charging cable is faulty; therefore, your wireless charger is not working properly.

It can also happen that the charging cable is loosely attached to the power adapter or the charging pad.

So recheck the connection of the charging cable with the power adapter and the charging pad to see if it is loose.

Using another charging cable perfectly attached to the power adapter and the charging pad may fix your problem. 

Clean the surface of the charging pad

We already know that wireless charging is weaker than wired charging; therefore, a little bit of dirt can interrupt and eventually stop the charging process.

So unplug the charging pad from the power source and clean it with a microfiber cloth. Clean the charging pad properly and ensure there may not be a little dirt left on the charging pad.

Now plug it into the power source, place your device on the charging pad, and check if it is working. If it is working, clean the At&t charging pad before charging any device with it. 

Metallic Interference 

The wireless charger is based on the magnetic induction process, and it can stop working with the interference of any type of metallic item.

You should ensure that there is a single item of metal placed between the device you are charging and the charging pad. Also, re-ensure that no metallic items are placed near the charging pad, i.e. keys, credit cards, pins, etc.

You may also check if your device’s body is made of a metallic material or not. If the body of the device you are trying to charge is made of a metallic material, it may interrupt the charging process.

But don’t worry because if your device body is made of metallic material, you may fix it by placing a small piece of microfiber cloth between the device and the charging pad.

Note that a small, thin piece that covers the back of the mobile phone can be used only; if you use a thick layer of the cloth, it will not work for you, and you can’t charge your device.

If you have any metallic item in your mobile case, then first remove it from the mobile case and then try to charge your device. 

Restart your mobile

Sometimes a minor bug in your mobile phone may cause an interruption in the charging process. Restarting the mobile can fix minor bugs and can fix this problem.

Here are some steps you may follow to restart your mobile phone.

  • Long press the power button till the power menu appears. 
  • There will be two options: “Power Off” and “Restart.”
  • Click on the “Restart” option, and your device will be turned off (mobile will turns on back automatically)
  • You may also click on the “Power Off” option, and your device will be turned off (long press the power button to turn on the device back)

Now your device is restarted and ready to use.

Try to charge it with At&t wireless charger whether it is working.

Hard Reset 

If you are an iPhone user and your mobile is not charging with At&t wireless charger, then a hard reset is the best option to fix it.

Here are some basic steps to follow to hard reset your iPhone device. 

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button
  • Press the power button till the Apple logo appears (it may take up to 25 Seconds, so don’t leave the power button press it till the Apple logo appears on the screen) 

Now it’s done, and your device is ready for use and charging.

Plug your At&t wireless charger with a power source and place your mobile in the center of the charging pad.

Check if the green light turns on your device and is perfectly placed on the charging pad. Now check if it is working or not.

Ask for replacement

At&t wireless chargers of all variants have an almost 1-year limited warranty. So if the above fixes do not work and your charger is not still working, then it’s time to replace it.

Contact At&t’s help and info center on their official site or retailer where you buy your At&t wireless charger.

If you have used it for less than a year, they will replace it with another one. 

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