How To Connect Govee Lights To Phone (Easy Peasy)

Connecting Govee lights to your phone offers an exciting avenue for transforming your living space through personalized lighting control.

Whether you’re aiming to create a cozy ambiance or enhance your entertainment experience, Govee Lights provides a dynamic solution.

Image showing Govee Light's visuals
Visuals enhanced via Govee lights

In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to effortlessly connect your Govee lights to your smartphone. From downloading the app to establishing a seamless connection, you’ll gain insight into the process that brings your lighting vision to life.

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Created In2017
CEO And FounderEric Vu
HeadquartersKwai Tsing, New Territories, Hong Kong
Available In60+ countries
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What to do to connect Govee lights to your phone?

Make sure your Govee lights are turned on and correctly installed before anything else.

Download the Govee application from the Google Play Store to be capable to handle and operate the Govee lights. By providing the required information, create a profile on the app.

To add your Govee lights, look for the button labeled “Add a device” and click on it.

In order to guarantee a convenient pairing, you will then be prompted to provide the application with access to your Bluetooth and the location.

You must select the precise sort of lights you have from a set of Govee devices that the app is going to display to you.

For instructions on how to connect the Govee lights, consult the user handbook. Once you get back to the app, it will look for devices around you that can be paired.

What may be the reasons for Govee lights not being connected to your phone?

There could be several reasons why Govee lights are not connecting to your phone. Here are some common factors to consider:

  • If using Bluetooth, ensure that your phone is within a reasonable range of the Govee lights. Bluetooth connections have a limited range, typically around 30 feet or less. Furthermore, remove any obstacle between your phone and lights to ensure that the signal remains uninterrupted.
  • Govee lights typically use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your phone. Ensure that the correct connectivity method is enabled on both your lights and your phone. Check that Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable on your phone, or that your Wi-Fi network is functioning properly.
  • Sometimes, lights might require a firmware update for proper functionality. Check the Govee app for any available updates for your lights.
  • The Govee app itself might have bugs or glitches affecting the connection. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app and consider restarting it or your phone.
  • Make sure your phone is compatible with the Govee lights and the Govee app. Some older phones or models with outdated operating systems might have compatibility issues.
LED light strip Govee connects to smartphones

How to manage Govee lights with your cell phone?

There are different options available according to the sort of Govee lights you have. The lights can be changed for hue and luminance to produce the ideal atmosphere.

You can choose from one of the already set scene patterns that certain lights offer, such as “Party” or “Relax,” to quickly alter the lighting environment.

You may also find tools like timer settings useful for configuring the timetable for whenever your lights go on and off.

It works well to create a cozy evening atmosphere.
Some Govee lights may synchronize with the music you’re listening to on your phone, which is great for music lovers.

In order to enhance your hearing experience, the lights will vibrate and alter in tune with the music.

Image showing a room with Govee lights installed
Govee lights in a room give a cozy vibe

You might additionally be capable of managing your lights while you’re away from home if they are suitable and set up correctly. The app frequently offers assistance with troubleshooting whenever you run into any problems or have any inquiries.

Even if you’re seriously stuck, Govee’s customer care is available to help.

Is it possible to sync Govee lights?

Syncing Govee lights is indeed possible and adds an exciting dimension to your lighting experience.

Essentially, it creates a dynamic link between your lights and the media you’re enjoying, enhancing both visual and auditory aspects.

To achieve synchronization, you’ll typically need to use the Govee app. Within the app, you can configure the synchronization settings based on your preferences.

This might involve choosing the type of synchronization you want adjusting sensitivity to audio cues, and customizing the colors or patterns that the lights will exhibit.

One common example of synchronization is music sync. As the music changes rhythm, tempo, and intensity, the lights mirror these changes, creating a captivating visual representation of the sound.

Another synchronization mode involves linking your Govee lights to your TV or movie screen. This feature allows the lights to respond to the colors and actions happening on the screen.

Not all Govee light models offer synchronization capabilities. When shopping for Govee lights, look for models that explicitly advertise this feature.

Before you start syncing, ensure that your lights are properly connected to the app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, as this connection is crucial for real-time adjustments.

An image showing a woman smiling and looking at the other side
Govee lights can be synced with music

Can you connect Govee lights to Alexa?

The good news is yes, you can connect Govee lights to Alexa, Just follow these steps mentioned and you’ll be able to control your Govee lights in the comfort of your bed in no time:

  1. Open the Govee app, and make sure your Bluetooth is switched on. Connect your lights by clicking the “+” button
  2. Now go to Alexa’s app and go to “Skills and Game”
  3. Search for Govee and enable the skill
  4. Link your Govee and Amazon accounts by entering the Govee username and password
  5. Now, you will be able to see the option of all nearby lights
  6. Connect the lights to Alexa and give commands

Final Verdict

  • Connecting Govee lights to your phone empowers you to craft a personalized ambiance in your living space. Whether it’s a relaxing retreat or an immersive entertainment hub, Govee Lights caters to your preferences.
  • To connect Govee lights to your phone, download the Govee app, look for the button labeled “Add a device” and click on it.
  • Your Govee lights might not be able to connect to your phone due to connectivity issues, incompatibility, bugs/glitches, or due to any new updates that you haven’t downloaded yet.
  • The Govee app’s features offer creative control over your lighting environment. You can adjust colors, and brightness, and even sync lights with music.
  • Mood-enhancing lighting scenarios, dynamic color displays, and instant scene changes due to the Govee light connection allow you to curate your surroundings according to your desires.
  • In case of any challenges, the Govee app provides troubleshooting assistance, ensuring a smooth experience and its customer support is readily available to address any concerns.
  • You can connect Govee lights to Alexa by going to “Skills and Game” on Alexa and searching for Govee. Link Govee to Amazon and connect the lights.

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