Ring Person Detection No One There (How to Fix it) 

It was afternoon I was in my room and get a notification from my Ring camera that it has detected a person. 

I opened the Ring app but there was nothing in the view of the camera. Afterwards, I came out of the house but no one was there. 

It was so weird I research online and find a few possible reasoning why the Ring camera has detected a person while no one was there. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps of why your camera facing detection issues and how you can fix them. 

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Ring Camera Detecting Person, but There is No One 

Ring Person Detection No One There

These are the possible solutions to resolve your Ring camera malfunction. 

Disable People Only Mode 

Ring Person Detection No One There

Ring devices have several motion detection modes, such as human-only, pet, or package-only. If your camera is in people-only mode, it can record a motion when light reflects from shiny objects such as a window or vehicle. 

So, you should look at the camera motion settings because this mode can be enabled by default or mistakenly. 

Here are steps to disable the people-only mode:

1. Open the Ring app on your mobile phone. 

2. Click on the three-line menu from the upper left corner. 

3. Then go to the Devices tab and select Ring camera

4. Next, click on the Motion Settings option. 

5. On the motion settings page, disable the People Only mode. 

Move Shiny Objects Away

Ring Person Detection No One There

Another reason for your Ring camera to detect a person while there is no one, it can be if there is a shiny object in the view of the camera. 

Everyone has a different home structure camera placement; several objects can cause this issue, like windows or cars.

So, you should move such an object away from the camera’s view or change the camera position if possible. Then check the camera to see if it is working correctly. 

Customize Motion Sensitivity 

Ring Person Detection No One There

Your Ring camera has adjustable motion detection, which you can customize from the camera settings in the Ring app. 

If the motion detection is set to high, it might be a possible reason for Ring camera fake person detection alerts. 

At the high motion sensor camera will capture little movements in his view, such as light reflections, dust particles, or shadows. 

In case, you should check your camera sensitivity and adjust it to suitable settings. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Open the Ring app on your phone and click on the three-line menu. 

2. Then click on Devices and select one of your Ring cameras

3. Tap on the Motion Settings option and select Motion Sensitivity

4. Here is a slider you can use to adjust the motion sensitivity and find a suitable point for your camera. 

Reset the Camera 

Ring Person Detection No One There

In the end, if the camera is still experiencing detection problems, you should perform a factory reset for the camera. 

Resetting will be possible as it will restore your camera to its factory default settings and remove software bugs. 

Note: You should back up all your data stored on the camera because it will be wiped performing the reset and will not be accessed later. 

Here are steps to reset the Ring camera:

1. Find the reset button on the top and under the back cover of your camera. 

2. Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. 

3. The camera will enter setup mode once the reset is complete. 

After resetting your Ring camera, set it up in your account and check for the detection issue if it is resolved. 

Contact Customer Service 

If none of those mentioned earlier solutions helped resolve your Ring camera motion detection problem, you should consider contacting Ring customer support

The customer support team will look deeply into this problem and provide additional troubleshooting steps. 

If the camera is still malfunctioning or recording person detection events, whenever there is no one, you should consider investing in a new device. 

Why does my Ring detect motion when there is none?

Suppose your Ring device is detecting motion while there is no one. In that case, it results in a high detection sensitivity because the camera will capture little motions in the detection zone when you’ve set the sensitivity high. 

You can resolve this problem by customizing the camera settings in the Ring app. Look at the motion sensitivity and select suitable settings that fit your device.

Can Ring detect people only? 

Yes, your Ring cameras can detect people-only motion when you have enabled this for the Ring device.  

Why is my Ring camera not detecting people?

Your Ring camera cannot detect people when its sensitivity is too low, the camera lens is blocked, or a few other factors. 

You can fix your Ring camera detection issues by checking and customizing the motion detection sensitivity.
You can also enable the detection zone, select the essential areas in front of the camera view, and remove the physical obstruction from the camera lens. 

Wrapping Up

These are a few possible solutions that you should try to resolve the Ring camera motion detection issues:

  • Disable People Only Mode 
  • Clear Camera Lens 
  • Decrease Motion Sensitivity 
  • Reset the Camera 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method has fixed your Ring camera’s fake motion detection alerts? Are you still facing issues with the device? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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