Turn on Wireless Charging Samsung (Explained)

Wireless charging is mind-blowing tech to charge your mobile just by placing it on the wireless charging pad. But sometimes it stops working with a little bit of interruption. 

If you do not know how to turn on wireless charging on your Samsung device, don’t worry about that because I will explain how to do so. 

So let’s deeply analyse how to turn on the wireless charging Samsung. 

How to turn on the wireless charging Samsung?

To enable wireless charging on your Samsung, you should ensure that your mobile phone supports wireless charging. 

Follow these steps to turn on wireless charging on your Samsung mobile. 

Check if your Samsung is Compatible with wireless charging.

The first thing you must know is whether your Samsung mobile is compatible with wireless charging. 

You can check it from the box of the mobile or guide book of the mobile. The Qi logo will be on your mobile phone box if your Samsung is compatible with wireless charging. 

You may also check the list below to see which model of Samsung supports wireless charging. 

  • Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra Z Flip, Note 10, Note10 +, Fold 
  • Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, Note 9, S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+
  • Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 edge+ & S6 edge

The Samsung, as mentioned above, are compatible with wireless charging and can be charged with a compatible wireless charging pad. 

Turn on wireless charging on Samsung.

Having a Qi-compatible Samsung mobile and wanting to charge it wirelessly are two basic ways to do this. 

Follow these steps.

  • Buy a compatible wireless charger
  • Unpack the wireless charger 
  • Connect to the power source with the USB charging cable and power adapter
  • Place your mobile exactly at the center of the charging pad

Your wireless charging will be started within one second. 

But if your wireless charging did not start then, it would be very helpful to check the settings of wireless charging. 

Is there a setting for wireless charging Samsung?

Wireless charging of Samsung can be turned on from the settings app too. 

If your wireless charging does not work properly with your Samsung, then follow these steps to enable wireless charging.

  • Open your settings app on Samsung
  • Search for the device care option 
  • Then select the battery option
  • Here you will see an option named fast wireless charging
  • Click on the fast wireless charging and enable it 

It’s done, and your Samsung wireless charging has been enabled. Now plug in the wireless charger and place your Samsung on it; charging will start if it is compatible with your Samsung. 


How to turn on the wireless charging Galaxy?

Buy a wireless charger to turn on the wireless charging on your Galaxy. Plug it with a power source into a wall outlet and place your Galaxy on the center of the pad. 

Your wireless charging will be started. If your Galaxy still does not get power from a wireless charger, follow the method mentioned above to enable wireless charging from your settings app. 

Wireless charging Samsung phones

It’s very easy to charge a Samsung phone wirelessly. But wireless charging features are available only in new models of Samsung phones. 

Check if your Samsung is compatible with wireless charging. You can check it from the mobile packing box because a Qi logo is imposed on the box, and which mobile is Qi-enabled. 

If still, you were not clear about whether your phone is Qi-enabled or not, read the list mentioned above to see if your Samsung is compatible with wireless charging. 

Why won’t my Samsung phone wirelessly charge?

Wireless charging is weaker; therefore, it could be stopped with little interruption. Suppose your Samsung phone is not charging wirelessly. 

In that case, you should have to see if there is a metallic attachment around the charger. Also, check the power adapter and USB charging cable; maybe these are broken. 

Clean the charging ports and surface of the charging pad. Your wireless charger may be overheated, so leave it until it cools to room temperature. 

Check for your mobile case; it may be thicker enough to stop the power supply. Wireless chargers work fine with mobile cases thick less than 3mm. 

Also, check out the pins, grips, rings, coins, and credit cards near the charger or the mobile case. 

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