How to Set Up Ring Camera Without QR Code (Resolved)

As a homeowner, I was excited to get my new Ring camera. But when it came time to set it up, I realized there was no QR code in the box! 

So I started doing some research on how to set up my Ring camera without using a QR code. 

To my surprise, there were actually several ways of getting the job done. 

And that’s what this blog post is all about – showing you how to set up your Ring camera without having a QR code handy.

How to Set Up Ring Camera Without QR Code 

While connecting your Ring camera, sometimes its QR code does not work and causes frustration. 

How to Set Up Ring Camera Without QR Code

However, there are a few solutions to set up your Ring camera if the QR code is not working.

Setup Without Scanning 

If you have lost the Ring QR code, which came with packing, you cannot access the QR code and want to connect it to the app. 

You should skip the QR code or MAC barcode scanning part while setting up your camera. So, select set up without scanning from the bottom of the phone screen. 

Next, select your camera to finish the process and follow the on-screen instructions for connecting the Wi-Fi or events settings. 

Scan Other Cam Code 

Turn on your Ring camera and start setting it up in the Ring app once you’ve connected the cam to the Wi-Fi connection.

Take the next step to scan the QR code; if you have another Ring camera installed and working, scan its QR code. 

Once this is done, you’ll need the MAC ID, which will be stored on your Wi-Fi system after connecting the camera. 

Then open your Wi-Fi manager app on your phone, where you can find the MAC ID and write it in the app to finish the setup. 

This method has worked for many users, and they can now use Ring cameras to monitor their houses. 

Factory Reset Camera 

When you’ve tried all the above solutions, the process isn’t working. You should perform a factory reset for your Ring camera. 

This method will turn the camera to its factory default settings and remove any customized settings that might cause issues while processing. 

After resetting, you’ll be able to skip the QR code scanning process and find the MAC from your Wi-Fi system. 

Here are steps to reset the Ring cam: 

  1. Remove the back battery cover of the camera. 
  2. Then locate the Orange set up button near the battery slot. 
  3. Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds. 
  4. On the front of the camera, the light will flash several times; once the light turns off, the reset will be completed. 

After resetting your Ring camera, try it and set it up in the app. 

Update Ring App

If you don’t find a button to set up the camera without scanning in the Ring app, you should ensure that the app is up to date. 

Because an outdated app can be a reason for this error, and after installing the latest version of this app, you might receive this option. 

Here is how you can update the Ring app: 

  1. Open the Play/ Apple store according to the device you are using. 
  2. Type in the search bar for the Ring app. 
  3. Tap the official Ring app icon. 
  4. Then you will see a button labeled “Update” if the latest update is available for your Ring app. 


If you haven’t access to the QR code and want to set up a Ring camera, you should tap on set up without scanning while setting it up in the app. 

And another way is when you have skipped the scanning but need the MAC ID; you can get it from your Wi-Fi network. 

Did I Miss Something 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Did this process help you set up the Ring camera without a QR code? 

Let me know in the comment. 

How do I get a QR code for my Ring?

You can find the QR code of your Ring camera in its battery compartment. Remove the battery lid, and you’ll see the QR code; then, point the mobile phone camera at the code to scan it. 

Another way you can get the QR code, which usually comes with the device packaging. 

How do I find my 5 digit Ring code?

This 5 digits Ring code will be founded at the back of the device; remove the battery cover and get access to the code. 

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