Oneplus Wireless Charger Not Working (Explained)

If you are experiencing issues with the Oneplus wireless charger not working, you are not alone. Many Oneplus users report the same problem that their Oneplus wireless charger is not working. 

In this article, I will explain why your charger is not working and how you can sort out these problems. 

Why is the Oneplus wireless charger not working?

Wireless charging is a new evolution in technology. You don’t need to carry the stuffed wires to charge your mobile; place your mobile on the charging pad, and charging will start within one second. 

But it often did not work properly, which frustrates everyone. Try some basic quick fixes to fix the problem.

  • Place your mobile without the mobile case
  • Clean the ports of the charging pad
  • Restart your mobile phone
  • Try repositioning your mobile phone on the charging pad

If you have tried all the above troubleshooting and are not helpful, then it is time to take a deep analysis of the reasons and their solutions. 

Mobile Case

Mobile cases are the main reason wireless charging stops working in many cases. Because wireless charging is weaker than wired charging and could be slowed down by a tick mobile case or eventually stopped. 

Check that your mobile case should not more than 2mm. Remove your mobile case and try to charge your mobile phone with a Oneplus wireless charger. 

I hope it will work for you; if it works, don’t use mobile cases while charging or buy a new one from the market. 

Many Qi-friendly mobile cases are available online and offline too. 

You can choose a Qi-friendly mobile case to use with your mobile during charging. 

Overheated Oneplus Charger

Oneplus wireless charger has a unique feature to turn off automatically when it gets overheated to avoid damage to its components. 

If you feel your wireless charger is heated, turn it off and leave it until its temperature falls to room temperature. 

Then plug in a wall outlet and place your mobile phone to check whether it starts working. 

I recommend you not leave your wireless charger plugged in when not in use because it can cause overheating and eventually stop your charger. 

Dirt or Dust on the Oneplus Wireless Charger 

Prolong use of the charger without cleaning can make its ports dirty. Therefore check the USB port of your wireless charging pad; if there is a little bit of dirt/ dust present, it could slow down your charger or stop it from working. 

Clean it with the help of a toothbrush or swab of cotton, and clean the surface of the wireless charging pad and mobile backside too. 

Then clean the power adapter USB port, connect the charger to the power source, and place your mobile phone at the center to check whether it works. 

Compatible Power Source

Wireless charging is weaker than wired charging. Therefore, it may also be stopped by using incompatible power sources such as a power adapter or USB charging cable. 

The power adapter should be 5V / 2A as it will be compatible with the Oneplus wireless charger. Also, check the USB charging cable; that must also be of good quality. 

Check if your charging cable is twisted from one end may also disrupt the charging process. 

Repositioning of the Mobile Phone

It is amazing with the Oneplus wireless charger; that dual coil system is used. You can charge your mobile phone in both positions,i.e., horizontal and vertical. 

But you should notice that if your mobile phone is in general or vibration mode, it will be displaced from the correct position on the charging pad. 

It will be due to the vibration when your mobile phone receives a phone call or message; it will vibrate, both coil positions will be changed, and your charging will stop. 

Therefore, turning on silent mode before charging your mobile phone is recommended. 

Metallic Interference

Wireless chargers stop working on any metal attachment, which is common in all types of wireless chargers. 

It would be best to ensure that your charger is placed where no metallic items are around it. You may check it by changing your charger location at your home and office to see if metallic interference is creating a disturbance in the charging process. 

Also, check the mobile case sometimes; your phone case has metallic items like pins, grips, credit cards, etc. 

Remove everything from the case, and then try to charge your mobile with the Oneplus wireless charger. 

Restart your Mobile Phone

If all the above things did not work for you, then it could be your mobile that is at fault, and you should have to troubleshoot your mobile phone to see if it is the reason for the problem. 

If you have not restarted your mobile phone for a long time, some glitches may occur and can disturb charging. 

It would help if you restarted your mobile phone to fix these minor glitches. 

Follow these steps to restart your mobile phone. 

  • Long press the power button on your mobile
  • The menu will appear “Power Off” & “Restart.”
  • Press the “Restart” button 

After pressing the restart button, your mobile phone will be turned off and turn on back automatically. 

After turning on the mobile, place your mobile phone on the wireless charger, and charging will be started within one second if your mobile is a reason for the problem. 

Hardware Problem 

Suppose you have tried all the troubleshooting, and your Oneplus wireless charger is not working. 

In that case, it will be the hardware problem that’s why your charger is not working. 

Maybe it could be the charging port of the charging pad broken inside or any other component damaged. 

You have to hire a qualified technician to see if he could help you out, or you should see if your charger is under warranty. 

If your charger is under the replacement warranty, ask the supplier for a replacement of the charger. 


Oneplus wireless charger red light

The red light on the Oneplus wireless charger signals that a metallic item is attached between your charger and mobile. 

Your charger flashes red light and will cut off the power supply. Don’t worry about that, and remove metallic objects from your surroundings and mobile case, if any. 

Then try to charge your mobile. I hope your problem will be solved. 

Another reason for the red light is that your charger is overheated, and you should have to plug it off and leave it at 25C temperature until it cools down. 

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