Tylt Wireless Charger Not Charging (How to Fix)

Wireless charging allows us to charge our mobile phones by just placing them on the charging pad of your wireless charger.

My friend bought a new Tylt wireless charger two months ago, and it has been working fine till today. Today he told me that when he woke up in the morning and saw his mobile was not charged.

He was very disappointed, but I researched what could be the possible reasons why his wireless charger was not working.

If you are facing the same problem and cannot charge your mobile phone with your Tylt wireless charger, then don’t worry because I will tell you all the possible reasons for this problem and also help you fix these problems. 

So let’s start. 

Why is Tylt Wireless Charger Not Charging?

Wireless charging is more complex because a little hurdle interrupts or stops the charging process. You have to ensure everything is doing well and no metallic interference occurs during the charging process. 

Check the Cable Connections 

We know that wireless charging is not truly wireless because we even need to plug in the charging pad to a wall outlet with the help of a power adapter and USB charging cable. The first thing you should have to check is cable connections.

See, your power adapter is working fine, and your USB charging cable is also working well. Check your power adapter and USB charging cable with another charger or mobile to see whether it works.

If it does not work with another charger, it’s time to change your power cables. Replace your power adapter and USB charging cable and see if it could work for your Tylt wireless charger.

Clean the Charger and Charging Ports

A little bit of dirt or dust may also interrupt the charging process. It would be helpful to check the charging ports and surface of the charging pad too if there is dirt or dust it could be the possible reason for your problem.

Use a toothbrush to clean the charging port of the charging pad and also clean the port of the power adapter.

Also, check the charging pad is also clean and that there is no dust on it. Then again try to charge your mobile phone with your wireless charger.

Metallic Attachments

Metallic attachments slow down the wireless charging and in some of the cases it stops the charging process.

Make sure that no metallic items present around the charging pad or your mobile phone. Because these metallic objects can interrupt the charging process.

Remove your mobile case and check for anything like pins, coins, grips or credit cards etc because these can stop your wireless charging.

If you are not using a mobile case then make sure that your mobile body is not made of metallic material.

If your mobile body is made of metallic material then it would be helpful to place a small thin microfiber cloth between your mobile phone and the charging pad. 

Temperature and your charger heat up

Check the wireless charger and mobile phone. Maybe it is overheating and that’s why your wireless charger stops working.

Tylt and almost all wireless chargers have a cool feature that they stop working when overheated to avoid any damage to its components.

If you feel that your charger or your mobile is overheated then plug it off and leave it at room temperature until it cools down.

When it cools down and its temperature drops to room temperature then again plug in your Tylt wireless charger and check it with your mobile phone. 

Use a compatible power source 

Wireless charging needs an adequate amount of power to operate normally. Maybe you are using a PC USB port or your laptop to power your wireless charger.

Then it could be the reason because your wireless charger would not get enough power from these resources to pass through.

Also, check the circuit of your house if you are using a wall plug to power your wireless charger. Because a little bit of sparking in the circuit may also affect your wireless charger performance. 

Update your Mobile Phone

If you have not updated your mobile phone for a long time then some apps or your mobile phone software may have a pending update.

These updates sometimes run in background and drain the battery power which may cause interruption in your wireless charging.

So, update your mobile phone to avoid battery power drainage.

Follow these steps to update your mobile phone.

  • Open your mobile phone and search for “Settings” app
  • Open settings app and then search for software update
  • Tap on the “install” button

After pressing the install button update will be installed and your mobile phone will be turned off then turned on back automatically.

In the same way also update apps if you have any pending update from Play store. This would work for you and your wireless charging will start working. 

Restart your Mobile Phone 

Sometimes your mobile phone gets inter-produced glitches because you have not restarted your mobile phone for a long time.

These minor glitches can cause the interruption in the wireless charging. Therefore restart your mobile phone to fix these minor glitches.

Follow these steps to restart your phone. 

  • Press and hold power button
  • A menu will appear “Power Off” and “Restart” 
  • Press the Restart button

It’s done and your mobile phone will be turned off and turned on back automatically. Your mobile phone is now refreshed and you could check it with your wireless charger. 

Hardware issue 

If all above troubleshootings do not work for you and your wireless charger is still not charging then it will be a hardware issue that is the reason.

Maybe any component inside your charger is defective or broken, that’s why it is not working. It would be helpful to hire an expert technician to see if he could do anything for your Tylt wireless charger.

But if he could not do anything with your charger then check if it comes under replacement warranty. Because replacement will be the final solution to your problem. 

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