Sony Camera Not Turning On (How to Fix)

Last week my friend’s Sony camera was not turned on, and he was apprehensive because he had to click pictures on his girlfriend’s birthday that day. He tried everything he knew with his camera to turn it on, but nothing helped him. 

Then I researched for him and tried to find possible solutions to turn on my friend’s camera. If you are facing the same problem, you don’t need to worry because, in this article, I will explain why your Sony camera is not turning on and how you can fix it. 

Why Is the Sony Camera Not Turning On?

There are many reasons why your sony camera is not turning on, but here we will discuss a few of them, and one of them will definitely be what you are facing. 

Check the Battaries 

As a sony camera works with the help of the battery, the first thing we should have to check is whether its battery is working fine.

Sometimes your battery is running off power and unable to power your camera to turn on. Make sure you have charged the battery to complete, and then try to insert it into your sony camera to see if it is working.

Remove the battery from your camera. Then, insert the battery after a few seconds and press the power button to turn on your camera.

Sometimes your battery needs to be aligned correctly in the battery section of your camera. Always make sure that you are using the original power adapter to charge your sony camera battery. 

Clean the battery terminals 

Sometimes the battery terminals get dirty and can cause a problem with your sony camera.

Sony Camera Not Turning On

Remove your battery from your sony camera and check the terminals, clean them with a swap of cotton and also clean them with the help of a hard pin so that if anything is stuck on it can be removed.

After cleaning the terminals of the battery, again insert it into the camera and check whether it helps you. 

Check the SD Card

SD card is basically used to store pictures or videos. Still, sometimes if you have not inserted the memory card, it could create a problem, and your camera will not turn on.

Open the sd card section and check that your camera has an sd card, or it may have only the card reader. Suppose your camera has only a micro sd adapter.

Sony Camera Not Turning On

In that case, it could be the possible reason that’s why your camera is not turning on. Insert the micro sd card into the adapter and then insert both together into the camera and press the power button to see whether it is working.

You can also test another sd card; maybe your sd card is faulty and creates some problems turning on. 

Remove the battery and lens overnight.

It helps many people leave their cameras overnight without battery and lens. You can also try this by removing your lens from your camera and the battery.

Leave your camera for the whole night and again the following day; insert the battery and the lens into your sony camera to check whether it works for you.

Restart your camera

This could be not precisely to restart your camera, but it will be a trick I found on youtube during my research. To restart your camera, follow these steps.

  • Remove your battery from your camera
  • Turn on “P” mode on your camera
  • Press the power button 
  • Hold and press the shutter button for 20 seconds

After doing this again, power off your camera and insert the batteries into your camera. Now try to turn on your camera. This will definitely help you. 

 Check Battery Compartment 

Sometimes the moisture is also a factor, that’s why your camera does not turn on. Check the battery compartment of your camera; maybe it gets some moisture for any reason.

If you feel that some water or moisture is in the battery section of your camera, then remove the batteries and leave your camera in sunlight until it dries.

Then again, plug in the batteries and try to turn on your camera to see whether it works. 

Replace the Lens of your Camera

Sony camera will not turn on if the battery or lens is broken/damaged.

Suppose you have checked that your batteries are working fine with your camera, and still, your camera is not turning on. In that case, your camera lens is creating trouble in your camera turning on.

The grip of your lens may be broken or damaged. You can check it by trying another lens with your camera.

Remove your camera lens and replace it with another one and press the power button to turn on your camera. 

Hardware Issue

Suppose still, your camera is not turning on. In that case, it could be a hardware issue happening to your camera. Consult a qualified camera mechanic to see if he can do anything for you. 


These are possible solutions to fix your Sony camera that is not turning on:

  • Clean out the battery compartment
  • Check and clean battery terminals
  • Check batteries
  • Factory reset camera
  • Remove the camera lens and battery overnight

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