Wyze Solar Panel Not Charging (Fixed)

The Wyze solar panel is an amazing and cool thing. Install it with your Wyze outdoor camera, and your Camera will be charged with solar energy every day. 

You did not need to detach the Camera from its location, charge it with a USB charger, and install it every day on its location. 

I bought a Wyze solar panel 2 months ago for my backyard Wyze camera, and it has been working well till today. Today when I opened my Wyze cam app, I noticed that the battery level of the Wyze cam was dropping and the Wyze solar panel was not charging.

Then I researched the reason for it and found 6 possible reasons and their solutions. 

If you are facing the same problem, let’s look at this article to know how you can fix it if your Wyze solar panel is not charging. 

Why Does the Wyze Solar Panel Not Charging?

Here we will discuss all the things that could happen with your Wyze solar panel to stop it from charging. So let’s start to discuss it. 

Enable Solar Panel Settings 

If you have installed a new solar panel with your Wyze cam and are facing an issue with it, you should check your Wyze app settings first. 

Your solar panel settings may be off; therefore, your cam is not getting charged with the solar panel. 

To enable the solar panel setting, follow these steps.

  • Open your Wyze app
  • Select the Camera on which you install the solar panel
  • Tap on the settings button in the top right corner 
  • Tap on the Accessories button 
  • Tap on the solar panel 
  • Enable the solar panel option 

You have done it, and now wait and watch on your Wyze app whether your Camera is getting charged with a solar panel. 

If you are using a solar panel for the first time, it will work for you, and your Camera will start charging. 

Charge your Camera 100% 

If your settings for solar panel charging are enabled, and your Camera is still not charged, then you should uninstall it from its location. 

Before installation of the solar panel, I recommend you charge your Wyze Camera 100% with the help of a USB charger by manual method. 

It may not be your solar panel which is at fault; it could be your Camera which is at fault. Charge it until it shows the charging status 100%, and installs it again where you have uninstalled it. 

Then connect it to the solar panel again and check whether it is charging. 

Solar Charging Cables Connection 

Charging cables for charging your Camera come with the solar panel to attach to a Wyze camera. 

The connection of the wire may be loose and create a problem in the charging process. 

Try to troubleshoot your solar panel by plugging and unplugging it with your Wyze Camera at least 2 to 3 times. 

It will settle if there is a loose connection between the solar panel and the Camera. On the other hand, it could also be possible that your solar charging cables have been damaged from any one end. 

If you have more than one solar panel, you can check it by connecting another solar panel charging cable with this Camera which is not getting charged with the solar panel. 

Cloudy Day 

Solar panels require a fully sunny day to charge your Camera effectively. Cloudy days may also affect the functioning of the solar panel. 

It would be best if you had to wait for sunny days to charge your Camera. 1 or 2 sunny days in a month are enough to charge your Camera to 100%. 

Also, remember that solar panels will not work at night; they will work on a sunny day with direct sunlight. 

Position of the Solar Panel 

Positioning the solar panel is very important to charge your Camera with the help of the Wyze solar panel. 

Check the position of your solar panel; if it is not getting direct sunlight, it will not work fine. It could be affected by the shadow of the trees in low sunlight. 

An angle of 30 is best for a solar panel to work effectively and charge your Camera. If you feel your Wyze solar panel is getting direct sunlight less than 3 hours a day, relocate it to another suitable position. 

Clean the Dirt 

Due to prolonged use of the solar panel, dirt or dust may accumulate on it and interrupt the charging process. 

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the solar panel so it can directly interact with sunlight. Also, check the connection points of the charging cable of the solar panel. 

Dirt or dust on the connection point may also create problems in the charging process. Use a toothbrush to clean the ports of the charging cables. 

Then wait for an hour to see whether it works or not. 

 Ask for replacement

If all the above things are not working, your Wyze solar panel may be broken or damaged. You should hire a technician to check out the original reason. 

If he cannot do anything for you, check if your Wyze solar panel is under warranty and ask for a replacement that could be the final solution to this problem. 


Can you leave Wyze outdoor plugged in?

No, it will invalidate the camera warranty. Don’t leave your Wyze outdoor plugged in because it will be considered misuse, and you cannot claim a warranty in case of damage.  

How do I reset my Wyze outdoor plug?

To reset your Wyze outdoor plug, follow these steps.

  • There is an on/off button on the side of the plug press and hold it until the light flashes to blue. 
  • The light starts flashing blue now you can set up Wyze plug via app to a new wifi network. 

Why is my solar panel not charging my Wyze camera?

Wyze solar panels stop working when your Wyze Camera reaches 100% battery level. It will again start charging when your battery drops to 90% and below. 

Do solar panels need full sun to charge?

Yes, solar panels require a full sunny day to charge, but they could also work less effectively in cloudy or shady environments. Solar panels require direct sunlight to charge effectively.

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