Wyze Camera Keeps Disconnecting (9 Ways to Fix)

Have you ever faced an issue with your Wyze cam that it keeps disconnecting? So, you are not alone; many users are reporting this problem. It is frustrating when it keeps disconnecting; you need to connect it manually. 

So, you should not be worried and stay connected with us. Today I am going to share its possible solutions that no one knows. 

Let’s get started! 

How to Fix Wyze Camera that Keeps Disconnecting? 

wyze camera keeps disconnecting

Here are several methods you should try before considering returning or buying a new one. 

Quick Fixes 

  • Change or Formatted SD card of your Wyze cam
  • Update the Camera to the latest software version 
  • Ensure Wyze cam mobile app is up to date 
  • Reboot the Camera by the power cycling 
  • Fix your Internet connection/ router 
  • Keep Wyze cam closer to the Base station and Wifi 
  • Fix the power cable issue 
  • Perform a factory reset 

Insufficient Storage 

Wyze cam can keep disconnecting due to insufficient storage space because it does have more space to save the recordings. So, you should check to ensure the Camera has sufficient storage to save files. 

If the SD card has no more space, you should clean up the data to make free space. You can save important recordings on your PC or another storage device. 

How to Format the SD card in Wyze Camera?

  1. Find the card slot on the Camera’s base and insert it.
  2. Open the Wyze app on your phone, tap the Home tab, and then select your Camera’s, Live Stream 
  3. And then select the Settings ⚙️ icon. 
  4. Tap Advance Settings> and then select Local Storage 
  5. Lastly select Format 
  6. When you hear the sound “ding ding,” formatting is completed 

Further, you can read about How to format an SD card on Windows/ Mac? 

To understand the formatting process, I have added a video below; you must watch this. 

Update Wyze Cam 

Installing the latest Firmware on the Wyze cam is essential to perform its features correctly; if you don’t have updated it, you can face problems such as connection issues, motion detection issues, it keeps offline, etc. 

You should keep it up to date time by time, so you should check and install the latest update if you have not installed it. 

Let’s check How to update Wyze cam firmware update? 

  1. Open the Wyze app on the connected phone 
  2. Tap on settings gear from the top right corner 
  3. Then tap on Device info> and select a Firmware version 
  4. If any latest firmware update is available, you will see 
  5. Tap on install now 

Update Wyze Cam App 

As you know, your Wyze cam shares all settings and alerts or live streams on the Wyze cam app. And if the app is un-updated and has glitches, your Wyze camera can keep disconnecting due to that. 

Check the latest update for the mobile Wyze app and if available, install it immediately. You can use a new or improved feature on the app. 

You can follow the below steps to update the Wyze cam app. 

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone 
  2. Then tap on the profile icon from the top right 
  3. And select Manage Apps & Device 
  4. Available updates will be labeled with “Update available.” 
  5. Lastly, you should tap on Update now 

Reboot It 

Like other electric gadgets such as computers and phones, it also has its motherboard and software, so the rebooting will helps you to remove the software glitch from Wyze cam. Rebooting is not a long process, but it’s beneficial for connectivity problems. 

This is how you can reboot your Wyze Camera. Firstly remove it from the power source and wait for 20 to 30 seconds. Then plug it into the power source; it will cause to reboot your Wyze Camera and fix all glitches. 

Fix Internet 

You should check the Internet connection to ensure it is not faulty. To check the Internet, connect your mobile phone and ensure it is working. If the router is faulty and does not have Internet, you should power cycle it to fix the temporary issues. 

Remove the power cable and wait for 30 seconds, then plug it in again. And ensure it is fixed now; if not working, you should check that the cables on the router are correctly inserted. Fix them if one of them has fault or connectivity issues. 

So, if the issue does not look to fixing, you should contact the Internet Service Provider to fix this issue. After all, check to confirm whether the Internet connection is fixed. 

Keep Closer to Base Station 

Ensure the Camera is not too far from the base station or Internet connection. Due to the weaker signals, it can keep disconnecting. Take it closer to the base station and then pair it with it. 

When the Camera is connected to the base station and Wifi router, you can install it anywhere in the 300 feet range. Because if it will not in this maximum range, you can face connectivity issues again. 

However, ensure the Camera is not placed to the maximum range; as a result, signals can be weaker if there is a building, solid material, or radio waves. 

Check Power Cable 

Checking and replacing a faulty power cable on the Camera and base station is faulty. You can use a new cable to ensure the cable will help you to fix the Wyze camera connection issues. You should verify that the Camera does not have power issues. 

Carefully check power cable is inserted correctly into the devices. You should remove and re-plug it into the power socket. And check to ensure if it is completely fixed. 

Perform Reset

Lastly, if the issue still persists, you should perform a reset on your Wyze Camera. Resetting your Camera will bring it to its default settings. And causes loss of data, so it is a crucial step to fix the software glitches. 

  1. Remove the micro SD card if you have inserted it into the Camera 
  2. Plugg Wyze cam into the power, then press and hold the setup button on the bottom of your Camera for 10 seconds. 
  3. For Wyze cam v1: press the setup button for 20 seconds. 
  4. Then wait for 30 seconds for the unite initiate 
  5. The LED light on the Camera will automatically turn blinking Yellow from solid Yellow. 
  6. Now the device is ready to pair

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