How to Disable Smart Drive Camera (6 Easy Ways) 

As I sat in my car, frustration mounted within me. The constant surveillance, the invasion of my privacy—enough was enough.

Determined to regain control over my own vehicle, I embarked on a mission to disable the insidious Smart Drive camera. 

I researched online to find a few solutions; after browsing for a long time, I found a few possible ways to disable the smart drive cam. 

Join me on this thrilling journey as I reveal the secrets and steps to liberate yourself from the prying eyes of the Smart Drive camera. 

Let’s get started!

How to Disable Smart Drive Camera

These are the possible ways you should try to disable your smart drive cam. 

How to Disable Smart Drive Camera

#1. Turn Off Camera 

The easiest way of disabling the camera is to look for an option to turn off the camera. Most of the cameras have a physical turn-on/off button or option in the settings menu. 

You can turn off the camera from the camera recording functionality from your vehicle settings menu. 

If there is no option to turn it off, you can look for another option, like any wires connected; you should disconnect it. 

#2. Disable the DVR

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is commonly used to record the smart drive camera. So, you can disable the camera by disconnecting the DVR. 

Turning off the DVR is a method that will deactivate the camera facing you. You can disable it by disassembling your car underboard panel. 

Then locate the Smart Video Recorder, which is mostly plugged into the power source, and turn it off by unplugging the cables. 

Also, you can deactivate the DVR by removing any memory card or other storage option, which will prevent it from storing the images taken by your camera. 

#3. Use GPS Blocker 

Most of driver-facing cameras use GPS data to function correctly. So, using a GPS blocker will be another way to disable your smart drive camera. 

It will block the smart camera from receiving GPS signals and is unable to capture images/ footage or record on DVR.

These devices are likely compact in size and not much expensive. You should look for a GPS transmitter connected to the DVR. Turn it off by disconnecting the cable/ unplugging it. 

#4. Use RF Interferences

RF (radio frequency) tools send waves and make it harder for your camera to communicate with other devices responsible for recording or taking videos. 

These are great options for disabling/ shutting off your smart drive camera. You can put an RF device closer to the camera, and it will stop the camera from working. 

You have to find the DVR band frequency that is used to communicate with the smart camera. Mostly it is between 300MHz and 3GHz. To do so, you can use an RF meter or scanner. 

Now turn on your RF jammer. It must disable the smart drive camera; you can check it to ensure no activity is shown on the camera display. 

#5. Use Device Cancellation

There are a few things specially designed to cover the camera lens, and it will prevent the camera from recording. 

These tools are called lens blockers or camera stoppers. You can put it on your smart driver camera lens. 

It will disable the camera and stop from recording anything. You should also be aware of the consequences before putting the lens blocker. 

#7. Cover the Camera Lens

Another common way to disable your smart drive camera is to cover the camera lens with physical objects. 

You can also cover the lens with a tick adhesive tape to ensure that no photo is taken while driving. 

#6. Remove Camera

In the end, if you are still unable to disable your smart drive camera, you should remove it. The camera will be firmly attached to your truck. 

You can use a screwdriver to unscrew it and prevent it from being distracted from the camera with false alerts. 

What are the Different Types of Smart Drive Cameras? 

Smart drive cameras are essential for modern vehicle safety, which provides you with data to prevent accidents, monitor your behavior, and improve road safety. 

There are a few types of smart drive cameras mentioned below. 

Dash Camera

These cameras are also known as dashboard cameras or car DVRs that record videos ahead or inside the vehicle. 

You can use these cameras to record footage and provides it as proof in case of accidents or disagreements. 

Dual-Lens Camera 

Dual-lens cameras show you all around the car by taking videos. These four rear, front, and side cameras improve your visibility, help in parking, and provide greater situational awareness. 

360 Degree Camera

360-degree cameras are similar to the dual-lens, which show you a clear view from the car’s sides. 

These cameras are installed on the front, rear, and sides of your car, which helps in improving visibility and parking ability.

Telematic Camera 

The telematic cameras work with a smart/ special system that learns about how cars are used and work. 

These cameras are great for those who watch cars due to it helps to know how drivers act, save gas, or keep the car working well. 

Final Thought

These are the possible ways to disable the smart drive camera in your vehicle:

  • Turn Off Camera 
  • Disable the DVR
  • Use GPS Blocker 
  • Use RF Interferences
  • Use Device Cancellation

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method are you going to turn off your smart drive camera? Do you still need more information on turning off the smart drive camera?

Let me know in the comment. 

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