How to Reset Zmodo Camera (Easy Steps)

It happened to me twice now. I was trying to use my Zmoda camera, only to find that it wasn’t responding properly.

After some troubleshooting, I realized the problem was because it needed to be reset.

So here’s how I went about doing just that; hopefully, this will help you, too, if you ever run into a similar issue.

Let’s get started!

How to Reset ZmodoCamera 

Performing a factory reset will turn your Zmodocamera to its factory default settings and removes all of your customized settings. 

These are the steps to reset your wireless or wired Zmodocameras. 

Reset ZmodoCam with the reset button. 

how to reset zmodo camera

If your camera has a tiny reset hole to use as the reset button, follow the steps below. 

1. Locate the reset hole at the back of your camera. 

2. Insert a paperclip, sim ejector pin, or similar tool into this hole. 

3. Long press the button for about 5-10 seconds until the camera turns off. 

4. Remove the paper clip or pin from the hole once the camera is turned off. 

5. Then you should wait until the camera finishes the reset and powers back on; the status light on your camera will start blinking. 

Reset ZmodoPivot Camera 

how to reset zmodo camera

If you have a ZmodoPivot camera, the resetting process will slightly differ from the device with a reset button. 

Here are the steps to reset your Pivot: 

1. Press and hold on to the touchpad for about 5-10 seconds. 

2. The reset is completed once the camera is rebooted and the green status light starts blinking. 

Reset ZmodoDoorbell 

how to reset zmodo camera

If you are facing issues with your Zmodovideo doorbell camera, you should perform a factory reset for it. 

Here are steps to reset the Zmododoorbell: 

1. Remove your doorbell from the mounting plate. 

2. Locate the pinhole at the back side of the doorbell. 

3. Press and hold the button with a paperclip or other similar tool. 

4. Release the button when the status light turns off. 

5. Wait until the doorbell turns back on and the status light starts blinking green. 

Reset the ZmodoAnalog DVR

how to reset zmodo camera

You can reset your Zmodoanalog DVR by following the steps mentioned below. 

1. First, turn off the system and remove all of the cover screws. 

2. And then remove the lid, and take a screwdriver to remove the battery. 

3. After removing the battery, turn on the system for about 10 seconds. 

4. Next, turn off the system and replace the battery. 

5. After replacing the battery, put the cover back on it and turn the system on. 

Now your Zmodoanalog DVR system is turned back to its factory default settings, and all of its data is deleted. 

Power Cycle ZmodoCamera 

When you are facing issues with your Zmodocamera, like not connecting to the Wi-Fi, going offline, notifications not working or motion detection issues. 

You can power cycle your Zmododevice besides the resetting process. Power cycling is a method that includes turning off the power for the camera for a few minutes. 

Here are the steps to power cycle your camera: 

1. Locate the circuit breaker at your house. 

2. Flip the breaker to the “off” position. 

3. Wait for about a minute. 

4. Flip the breaker back to its “on” position. 

In this way, you can refresh your camera and remove all kinds of software glitches without removing device data/ memory. 

How to set up the ZmodoCamera 

When you’ve successfully reset your Zmodocamera or doorbell, you’ll need to set it up again in the app once it is powered back on. 

Because the resetting process has turned your camera to its default factory settings and removed all stored data. 

You should follow the below steps to Zmodocamera in the app: 


1. Open the Zmodoapp on your phone, and log into the account. 

2. From the home screen, tap on the plus (+) icon to add a new device. 

3. If your device user manual says to use “Zink”, select this here. 

4. Then select the number of devices you want to set up. 

5. Connect your phone to the ZMD_SAP Wi-Fi network. It allows your phone to directly communicate with the Zmodocamera. 

6. Enter the name and password of your Wi-Fi network to connect it. 

7. Once the Zmododevice is connected, name your device. 

8. Select the timezone and enter another password to increase security. 

9. Now the device is added to the app, you can enjoy all features again. 


1. Open the Zmodoapp on your smartphone. 

2. Tap the + icon from the top right corner of the dashboard. 

3. Then select Wireless Device. 

4. Power on the device and enter the number of the device you are going to set up. 

5. Enter your Wi-Fi network password > and wait until it connects. 

6. Next, name your doorbell > and select the timezone. 

7. And enter a new password to secure the doorbell. 

9. It is successfully set up, and now you can enjoy all features of the doorbell. 

Why Should Reset ZmodoCamera? 

Resetting is a method to turn the device back to its factory default settings and removes all kinds of user customized settings. 

On the other hand, this method removes bugs/ glitches from the device that are causing it to malfunction. 

So, here are a few issues; if your camera faces one of these, you reset it. 

1. Camera isn’t turning on. 

2. Camera keeps going offline. 

3. Camera not detecting motion or events. 

4. Its light blinks. 

5. You want to re-configure it. 

6. It is not updating. 

7. Making false alarms. 

In these situations, you should perform a factory reset; these issues can cause other problems and result in tech problems. 

Final Thought 

Resetting the Zmodocamera isn’t much difficult; however, the process will be slightly different for the models of the Zmodocameras. 

You can reset your camera with a button by pressing the reset button with a pin for about 10 seconds. 

You can press the touchpad for 5-10 seconds for the wireless camera until the status lights turn off. 

This way, you can reset all types of the Zmodo camera, no matter which model you are using. 

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