Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (9 Ways to Fix)

I recently purchased a Eufy Security Camera and was excited to set it up. I followed all the instructions, but nothing happened when I tried to connect it to my Wi-Fi network. I tried again and again but still could not get the camera connected. 

After some research, I discovered that there are several common issues that can prevent your Eufy security camera from connecting to Wi-Fi.

In this article, I will discuss these issues as well as how you can fix them so you can finally enjoy using your camera.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi 

You should try these solutions; they can fix your camera’s network connection problems. 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

1. Move Router Closer 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

While you are facing an issue with your Eufy cam that it isn’t connecting to the Wi-Fi, you should ensure the camera is placed within the range of your router. 

If you are connecting it from a huge distance, it’s common to fail in connecting the network. 

So, you should take your camera inside the house within range of your router. If you are not able to remove the camera, you can move the router closer to your eufy camera. 

And then, try to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network to check if the problem is fixed. If you are still facing this problem, you should keep reading the solutions below. 

2. Ensure Phone Connected to the Router 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

The most common but important thing you should consider is that your router and camera are switched on. 

Also, you should ensure the mobile phone that you are using to set up the camera is connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

3. Change Router Settings 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

A few Eufy products are incompatible with the 5Ghz network, which can cause your camera to not connect to the Wi-Fi connection. 

So, if you have a router with dual-band frequencies, check you’ve only selected 2.4 GHz for the camera. If so, try switching between the 2.4 and 5 GHz network frequencies. 

Once you have turned your router setting to the compatible frequency, begin to connect again with your network connection. 

4. Reset the Camera 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Usually, this problem is common due to the device software glitches. In case, you should perform a factory reset for your camera. 

Factory resetting is a method to wipe all kind of information or data from your device and removes software bugs or glitch that causes issues. 

However, before resetting the camera, you should remember to back up your data from the camera because after resetting, it cannot be accessed. 

Here are steps on how you can reset the eufy camera: 

1. Plug the camera into the power outlet and ensure it is switched on. 

2. Press and hold the reset button from its back for about 10-15 seconds. 

3. Once you hear a beep and a flashing blue status light, release the button. 

4. Wait a few seconds until the reset is finished successfully. 

5. Power Cycle Router 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Power cycling is another possible solution that you can try to resolve this problem. Because doing so will help to refresh the router and helps you in having a stable connection. 

So, here is how you can power cycle your Wi-Fi router: 

1. Locate the power adapter of the router. 

2. Unplug it from the power outlet. 

3. Wait about a minute. 

4. Plug it back into the outlet and switch the router on. 

6. Factory Reset Router 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If still, your eufy camera isn’t connecting to the Wi-Fi connection, you should factory reset your Wi-Fi router. 

Because these issues might be due to router problems or its software glitches. Factory resetting will remove all kinds of bugs or glitches from the device. 

After resetting, your router will turn back to its factory default settings, and you’ll need to customize all settings again and connect to the devices. 

Here is how to reset the Wi-Fi router: 

1. Ensure the router is switched on. 

2. Locate the reset button at the back of your router and long-press it with a paperclip or other similar tool for about 15 seconds. 

3. Release the reset button and then wait until the router finishes the reset and powers it back on. 

7. Update Software 

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Keeping the devices up to date is essential to prevent issues. As your eufy camera is running on outdated firmware, it will cause malfunction. 

You have to check the software updates for your camera and install the latest one for the cam if available. 

You should follow the below steps to update it: 

1. Open the eufy security app and then go to the device tab

2. Here, click on the three dots … icon. 

3. Next, click the Gear icon > settings

4. Choose a General 

5. Click on About Device 

6. Tap on Firmware update page > and install if available. 

8. Reset HomeBase

Eufy Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If your eufy camera is not connecting to the network or HomeBase, you’ve tried all solutions; now try factory resetting the Eufy HomeBase

Resetting your HomeBase will cause you to remove all of your stored data and footage. So, you should back up the data before resetting it. 

Performing a reset might help you to resolve this problem by removing the software bugs and refreshing the connection. 

9. Contact Customer Support 

If none of the solutions has helped you in resolving the connection issue with your eufy camera, you should contact customer support

The eufy customer support will be able to assist you with other solutions and getting the camera working back correctly. 

Final Thought 

These are the possible solutions to resolve your Eufy camera that isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi network: 

  • Move Router Closer 
  • Ensure Phone Connected to the Router 
  • Change Router Settings 
  • Reset the Camera 
  • Power Cycle Router 
  • Factory Reset Route

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method has fixed your eufy camera? Do you still need help with your eufy security camera? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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