Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working (7 Ways to Fix) 

Last night I returned home from the office and noticed my Ring stick-up cam night vision wasn’t working. 

I’ve not faced such an issue with my Ring stick up before this, so I don’t know how to fix it. I researched online and tried a few troubleshooting got it fixed. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through why your Ring camera night vision is not working and how you can fix it. 

Let’s get started!

Why is Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

Your Ring camera is designed to enter the night vision automatically in low light conditions. However, it cannot work in a few conditions for several reasons. 

  • Issues with the infrared settings 
  • The camera isn’t connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Camera’s software malfunctioned 
  • Bad camera conditions 
  • Your camera has a power issue
  • You’ve not enabled the color night vision

These are a few reasons your Ring camera night vision does not work. However, you can fix it by following the below methods. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

How to Fix Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

You should try these possible solutions to resolve the Ring camera night vision issues. 

1. Adjust Infrared Settings 

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

The most common reason for the camera night vision issue is that you’ve not adjusted the infrared settings correctly. 

Ring devices are designed to illuminate areas in the dark using infrared light. If the infrared camera settings are not correctly customized, you should fix it. 

Here is how you can customize your Ring camera infrared settings:

1. Launch the Ring app on your smartphone. 

2. Click on the three-line menu icon from the top corner.

3. Then select Video Settings and click on the Night Vision Settings option.

4. Here, switch the night vision to Auto

Now you can check the camera to see if the night vision works correctly. If not, you should keep reading the next solutions. 

2. Fix your Internet Connection 

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

If the night vision infrared settings are customized perfectly, there is another reason poor Wi-Fi connection for this issue. 

The slow/ faulty Internet mostly affects the camera video quality, notifications issues, motion detection, or night vision issues. 

So, you should check your Ring camera signals strength (RSSI) in the mobile app to ensure the camera isn’t experiencing Internet issues. 

Here are steps to check the Ring camera RSSI:

1. Open the Ring app on your phone and click on the menu icon (☰)

2. Tap on Devices and select one of the Ring cameras

3. Then click on Device Health

4. Here, you can look for Signals Strenght under the network

If the signal strength (RSSI) is red or amber, your camera likely has a poor Wi-Fi connection, and it should be fixed to get night vision working back. 

You can fix your Internet by trying a few ways, like; bringing the router closer to the camera, factory resetting the router, or using a Wi-Fi extender. 

You should check your router’s position and ensure it is placed closer to the camera. If it is far from the Ring camera, you should bring it within 30 feet range of the camera. 

Factory Reset

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

If the Wi-Fi issues are still unresolved, you should consider factory resetting the router. Resetting the camera will restore it back to its factory default settings and remove software bugs. 

Here are steps to reset the router:

1. Locate the reset button at the back of the router. 

2. Press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds using a paperclip or other similar tool. 

3. Now, wait a few seconds until the camera reboots automatically. 

3. Factory Reset Camera 

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

Sometimes the camera faces a few software issues that prevent it from working at night time. But this problem can be solved by resetting the camera and setting it up from the start over. 

Factory resetting is a common method to restore a device to its factory default settings. After resetting your camera, glitches/ bugs will be removed, and the night vision should work. 

Note: you should back up all your data before resetting the camera because the data will be wiped, and you cannot access it later. 

Here are steps to reset the camera:

1. Lift the battery cover of the camera. 

2. Find a small orange reset button near the battery slot. 

3. Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. 

4. Then, a light on the front of the camera will flash several times, and the reset is complete when the light turns off. 

4. Clean Camera Lens 

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

If everything is fixed but the night vision is not working, it is due to a dirty camera lens. Ring camera has a built-in camera; dust and dirt build up on the lens over time. 

And it prevents the camera’s night vision from being enabled. And make it harder to work to see in the dark or enable night vision. 

So, you should clean the camera carefully and ensure its night vision is working back. You can clean it with a damp cloth or a drop of eyeglass cleaner.

5. Power Issues

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

If you’ve installed your ring camera recently, it might have power/ wiring issues which can cause night vision, video quality, or downloading issues. 

In case, you should check whether the camera is installed properly and reaches enough power the camera. 

6. Enable Color Night Vision

Ring Stick Up Cam Night Vision Not Working

Suppose your Ring camera night vision is working, but the footage is black & white; it can be due to if you’ve not enabled the color night vision for the camera. 

The colored night vision helps improve your Ring camera’s quality of vision with clear objects. 

Here are steps to enable the colored night vision for your Ring camera:

1. Launch the Ring app on your phone. 

2. Click on the Menu icon and then on Devices

3. Select the Ring camera with which you are facing issues. 

4. Click on the Gear icon from the top of the screen. 

5. Then tap on Video Settings, and enable Color Night Vision

7. Contact Customer Service 

If none of the above solutions has helped you resolve the Ring camera night vision, you should contact the Ring customer service team. 

The customer support team will look deeply into this problem and provide you with more advanced troubleshooting to fix the camera. 

However, if the camera is still not fixed after contacting customer support, you should review the device warranty/ return policies. 

If you have purchased a new camera and it is still under warranty, you can return it to the manufacturer and get a new one. 

Wrapping Up 

These are the possible solution to resolve the Ring camera night vision not working issues:

  • Adjust Infrared Settings 
  • Fix your Internet Connection 
  • Factory Reset Camera 
  • Clean Camera Lens 
  • Power Issues

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method has resolved your Ring camera night vision problem? Do you still experience problems with your camera? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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