JW Wireless Charger Not Working (Fixes)

JW wireless charger is the cheapest charger in the wireless charger’s world. Whenever we think about the price of a gadget, if it is affordable, we assume that this product will not be of good quality.

So if your JW wireless charger is not working, don’t be angry because it is a simple problem, and you can fix it.

Here you will find all the possible reasons why it’s happening and how you can fix it. 

How to fix JW wireless charger not working?

Before deep analysis, you should quickly look at some basic things to do with any wireless charger. 

  • Did you check the power adapter
  • Did you check the USB charging cable
  • Did you place the mobile at the correct position on the pad

If you are following all the above and facing the problem, you must look at all possible reasons and their fixes.

Wall plug 

The Wall plug is the primary source of power for the charging pad. It sounds silly how a wall plug can create a problem if your JW wireless charger is not working.

But you should know that wireless charging is more complex and needs more attention than wired charging. Wait, I will explain with an example how a wall plug may create a disturbance in charging.

Suppose you plug in the power adapter in the wall plug, and on the same circuit, you have also plugged in the other home appliance, i.e., AC, Fridge, TV, etc.

So we know these appliances are getting more power, and current fluctuation may occur due to which wall plug can create a disturbance. But it is very simple to check if the wall plug is creating a problem or not.

Plug off the power adapter from the wall plug and plug it into another power source, i.e., UPS or computer USB port. If the charging pad starts working with other power outlets, you have discovered that the wall plug is the main reason your JW wireless charger was not working. 

Power adapter 

Fine, you have checked the wall plug, and it just works fine with your wireless charger; then you have to check the power adapter is the secondary power source for the charging pad.

It is possible that the power adapter you are using with the wireless charger is incompatible.

Plug it off from the power source and disconnect it from the USB charging cable. Then connect the power adapter to another charger to check whether it works.

If it is working with another charger, then you have found that your power adapter is not compatible with the wireless charger because it works fine with other chargers.

On the other hand, if it does not work with another charger, your power adapter has some hardware problem. In both situations, you have to replace the power adapter.

Before buying a new power adapter, keep in mind how much output power your wireless charger requires to operate normally.

Mobile case

Wireless charging is weaker than wired charging; therefore thicker mobile case may interrupt the charging.

Therefore you should have to check if your mobile case is thicker than 5mm then you should need to use a thin mobile case. You can buy Qi-friendly mobile cases specially manufactured for wireless charging.

You should also ensure that there is nothing of metallic material inside the mobile case. Because it may interrupt the charging process. Remove everything from the mobile case i.e., pins, grips, magnets or credit cards, etc, and then put on the mobile case on the mobile.

After that place the mobile on the charging pad to check if it works or not. If you are trying to charge your metal body device without any case it may also create a disturbance in charging.

So you may use a thin microfiber cloth it will fix the problem. 

Overheated charger 

Wireless chargers produce heat during charging it is a common phenomenon.

But if your charger is overheated then it may the possible reason for which it stops working. When the JW wireless charger exceeds the limit of the heating then it stops working to avoid any damage to its components.

The reason for the overheating may be that you leave your wireless charger plugged into the power source. But you don’t know that wireless chargers consume standard power when plugged in but not in use.

This standard power may cause overheating and it may also damage the components of the charger. Always plug off the charging pad from the power source when not in use.

Now, first of all, plug it off from the power source and leave it at room temperature for an hour or until it cools down. Then try to check if it works or not.

Charging cable 

As we know that wireless charging is much weaker than wired charging therefore standard power is required for its normal functioning.

If you are using the cheapest USB charging cable then it is 100% possible that your charging cable is not able to pass through the required power to the charging pad and creating problems.

Try some other charging cable with a charging pad. If it works with it then replace the charging cable and use the new one with the charging pad.

Clean the charger

A little bit of dirt can interrupt the wireless charging. The dirt on charging ports or on the surface of the charging pad can disturb the charging.

You can clean the surface of the charging pad with the help of a small piece of microfiber cloth.

You can use a needle or toothbrush to clean the charging ports.

After cleaning plug the charger into the power outlet and switch it on to check if your JW wireless charger working or not working.

Hardware issue

If you have tried all the troubleshooting and still your JW wireless charger not working then there is a chance that your charger has some hardware issue, not a technical issue.

Take it to a good technician and see if he could do anything for it or not.

But if he also could not do anything then check that if your charger is in warranty then ask for a replacement.

For replacement, you can read the guidebook given with the charger or you may also contact the representative of JW online support. 

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