Yootech Wireless Charger Not Working (Explained with Fixes)

Yootech wireless charger comes with 10W fast charging compatible with iPhone.

But if you are facing a problem using it and your Yootech wireless charger is not working, don’t worry; it is common with the wireless charger, and here I will explain all the possible reasons why it’s not working and how you can fix them.

How to fix the Yootech wireless charger not working?

Here are some quick fixes you should ensure while using the Yootech wireless charger to charge your mobile to avoid interruption.

  • Check the wall plug is working well
  • Check whether the power adapter is also working or not
  • Check whether the USB charging cable is faulty or not
  • Place the mobile phone in the correct position 

If you are doing well and still facing the problems, let’s deeply look at why it is going on and how you can fix them quickly.

Power adapter 

A power adapter is the primary source of power for the charging pad.

Therefore, the first step is to check whether the power adapter is working. Check the compatibility of the power adapter with the charging pad.

It does not matter that your charger is working well till today; with this adapter, you should still have to check the compatibility of the power adapter and whether it is compatible with the Yootech wireless charger.

You can use a 10W adapter for Samsung devices, 7.5W for iPhones, and a 5W adapter for other Qi-enabled devices. So check which mobile you are charging and use a compatible power adapter.

But if you are using the correct power adapter and your charger is still not working, then you need to check the adapter with some other charger to check whether it works with another charger.

You may also try another power adapter with the charger. If your adapter does not work with another charger, another suitable power adapter is your final solution. 

Mobile case

Sometimes your charger works perfectly, but your device creates an interruption in the charging process. In the case of the Yootech wireless charger, it works with mobile cases up to 4mm.

Whenever you use a thicker mobile case, charging is interrupted, and the charger will stop working.

Remove the mobile case and then plug in the charger in the power source; place your mobile on the charging pad to check if the case is the reason for the problem or not.

If it starts working, then don’t use that mobile case with your mobile during charging. But if you do not like to remove the mobile case from your mobile, then you can replace your older mobile case with another Qi-friendly mobile case specially manufactured for wireless charging.

Mobile position

Wireless charging needs more attention than wired charging. In wired charging, you simply plug in the charger and place it anywhere.

It doesn’t matter in which position you are placing your mobile. But wireless charging is pretty different; a little bit of displacement of the mobile on the charging pad can stop the charging.

Firstly, you should place your mobile phone at the center of the charging pad to connect the charging coil inside the pad and the charge receiving coil in your mobile.

If your mobile is displaced from the position, the connection between the pad coil and your mobile coil will be disconnected, and the charger will stop working.

It is funny to know that placing your mobile phone on the charging pad with general mode will vibrate on getting a notification or call and be displaced from the correct position.

Therefore always use do not disturb or silent mode before placing the mobile on the charging pad.

Here is also a notable thing mobile phones will only charge when placed mobile face upward; if you put the mobile screen downward to the charging pad, it will not charge.

The reason is that your mobile phone has a coil on the back side of your mobile, and if that coil does not attach to the coil, the wireless charging pad charger will not work. 

Metal interaction in charging

Any type of metal interaction can cause a problem in the charging process.

Open the mobile case and check if any kind of metal item is present,i.e., pins, grips, magnets or credit cards, etc. charger will stop working.

Also, ensure that the charger is placed away from other devices. Remove everything from the mobile case and then plug in the wireless charging pad with a power source and then place your mobile in the correct position on the charging pad to check if this time it works or not.

In some cases, if you have a mobile with a metallic body, then charging will not work in any way.

Therefore you can try a small piece of the microfiber cloth between the charging pad and your mobile phone. It works for you, and your mobile will be charged.

Overheating charging pad

Wireless chargers produce heat while charging a device, which is a normal phenomenon. But wireless chargers also have a feature; they stop working on overheating to avoid any damage to their part and any harm to the mobile.

You must also ensure that you have plugged off the charging pad when not in use. Because when it will remain plugged in and not charge any device, even in this case, it gets standard power from the power source.

So this power for a long time may also cause overheating of the charger, and the charger will stop working.

Don’t forget to plug off the charging pad when it is not in use to avoid overheating. If you feel your charger is heating up, simply plug it off and leave it at room temperature for an hour or until it cools down.

When it cools down, plug it on again and place your mobile phone on the changing pad; you are ready to charge.

Clean dust and dirt

Wireless charging is weaker than wired charging, so a bit of dust/dirt can interrupt its charging process.

This dirt may be in the ports of the power adapter, USB charging cable, or the surface of the charging pad.

You must have the surface of the charging pad with the help of a moist microfiber cloth.

You may also use needles or toothbrushes to clean the charging ports.

Now, if you have cleaned all the things, then plug in the charger to a power source and then put your mobile on a charging pad to check if your Yootech wireless charger is working or not. 

Check the Hardware problem. 

If you have tried all the things well and your charger is still not working, it has some hardware problems.

Now you have to spare your time to visit a quality technician to check if he could do anything with it or not.

If he could not solve the problem, then check if your charger has a warranty or not.

You can check it from its box, or you may also check online how to place the warranty replacement.

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