8 Ways to Fix Ikea Wireless Charger Not Working

Ikea wireless charger is the cheapest, but it may suddenly stop working. If you are suffering from the same problem and your Ikea wireless charger is not working, no need to worry.

I have 8 possible reasons why your Ikea wireless charger is not working and how you can fix them. 

How to fix Ikea wireless charger not working?

So let’s look at some quick methods to fix this problem. 

  • Always use a Compatible charging cable 
  • Always use an adapter having an output min 5W
  • Place your device on the charging pad correctly
  • Use a mobile case with a thickness of < 5 mm 
  • Plug off the power source when the Ikea wireless charger is not in use
  • Clean the charging pad with a moist microfiber cloth 

If you are following the above things and your Ikea wireless charger is still not working,

then let’s take a deep look at the 8 possible reasons and how you can fix them.

Power Source 

Wireless charging is based on magnetic induction and needs more power than wired charging to charge the device.

Check the wall plug you are using to power your Ikea wireless charger. Is it compatible and provides enough power to your charging pad?

Try to use another wall plug in your house and check if it is working. Also, ensure that if you are powering your charging pad from a TV, Computer, Laptop, etc.

It will not be enough for the charging pad. Always use a charging adapter and a wall plug to power your charging pad so that the charging pad can get enough power and work properly.

In the same way, if you are using a wall plug and your charging pad is not still operating, try to use another wall plug and check if it is working. 

Charging Adapter

If there is no problem with the wall plug, the next step is to check the charging adapter. The charging adapter may have an output of min 5W.

A power adapter and wall plug are the primary sources to power the charging pad. So check whether the charging adapter you use with your Ikea wireless charger is compatible.

Try another charging adapter with your charger and contain the same adapter with another charger to check whether the adapter is working.

If the adapter is working with another charger and still not working with Ikea wireless charger, you need to replace it with another compatible charging adapter.

USB Type C Cable 

Ikea wireless charger has a USB type C port, and a USB type C charging cable does not come with the charger.

Therefore you need to buy it separately and check the compatibility of the charging cable with the charger.

Change the charging cable with some other cable and also check the same cable with another charger.

If it works with some other charger and your Ikea wireless charger still does not, then it means the charging cable is not compatible with it. 

Placement of the Device 

Correct angle or position of the device on the charger pad is also necessary. Because Ikea wireless charger works on magnetic induction so part of both the coil of the charging pad and mobile phone must be correct.

Ikea Wireless Charger Not Working

If you place your mobile phone roughly on the charging pad, then it is the possible reason that’s why your charger is not working.

Always put your device at the center of the charging pad. Also, try to enable flight mode when you charge your mobile.

It is because when your mobile phone gets a call or notification, it vibrates, and it can cause misplacement of your mobile phone.

Due to this charging process stops, and you think the wireless charger is not working. So always try to enable flight mode or do not disturb mode before you charge your mobile phone. 

Metallic Interference 

Due to magnetic induction technology, a small piece of metallic items near the charging pad can interrupt or stops the changing process.

Check the mobile case if it has anything of a metallic material; it may be the possible reason your Ikea wireless charger was not working.

It can be anything in your mobile case, i.e. pins, magnet chips, credit cards, etc., or your mobile body may also be made of metallic material.

Only confirm that if it is a metallic item, remove it from the mobile case, but if your mobile body is made of metallic material, then you can try to place a small piece of microfiber cloth between the charging pad and your mobile back.

It will definitely work, and your charging process will be started. 

Cleaning of the Charging Pad

Wireless charging is slower than wired charging due to its magnetic induction process. It is possible that a little bit of dirt can interrupt and stop the charging process.

Check the charging pad of your Ikea wireless charger. If dirt is on it, then simply unplug it from the power source.

Clean it with a moist microfiber cloth and clean the mobile’s backside for a better experience.

Now plug your charger into the power source and place your mobile phone in the center of the charging pad.

Also, ensure that the connection between the power adapter and charging pad may not be loose. Check if it is working or not. 

Restart your Mobile

It may also be possible that your Ikea wireless charger works appropriately, but your mobile phone has some bugs causing trouble charging it.

Simply restart your mobile phone and fix the bug, if any, in your mobile. Here are some steps on how you can restart your mobile phone. 

  • Press the power button till the power menu appears 
  • There will be two options in the power menu “Power Off” and “Restart.”
  • To restart your device, click on the “Restart” button; your device will automatically be turned off and back on.
  • Manually click on the “Power Off” button your device will be turned off, and then long press the power button to turn on your device.

All is done, and your mobile is restarted and fixed bugs, if any.

Now try to charge it and check if it works or not.

Ask for Replacement 

If all the fixes do not work and your Ikea wireless charger is still not working, it means your charger has some hardware issue or manufacturing defect.

Check if Ikea is providing the replacement facility, then ask for the replacement. 

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