Iottie Wireless Car Charger Not Working (Fixed)

Iottie wireless car charger is the most exciting charger which allows you to charge your mobile phone wirelessly while driving your car.

But as it is a wireless charger, sometimes it may not work properly for many reasons.

You don’t need to worry because I will explain the possible reasons why your iottie wireless charger is not working and how you can fix it.

How to fix the iottie wireless charger not working?

Here we will discuss the common reasons why the iottie wireless charger is not working and will intensely discuss how to fix it.

Iottie Wireless Car Charger Not Working

Alignment of the Mobile

Did you check whether your mobile phone is fixed on the charging coil at the correct position or not?

Because if your mobile phone charging coil does not align in the right place on the charging coil, then charging will stop, and you will consider your iottie wireless car charger not working.

Your wireless charger’s charging coil is on the middle top of the charging pad. Ensure that your mobile power receiving and charger’s charging coil are in the correct position.

You may also try to adjust the part of the mount. It may also help you to align your mobile on the charger perfectly.

Once your mobile phone is perfectly aligned with the charging coil present in the mount, your charger will start working (if no other part is creating the problem) 

Mobile case

Wireless charging is slower than wired charging. As the iottie wireless car charger is a car wireless charger, it may be much weaker than ordinary wireless chargers if you use a thick mobile case with your phone while placing it on the changing mount of the iottie charger.

Therefore check the thickness of the mobile case if you use your mobile phone during charge. The thickness of the mobile case should be up to 5mm.

Suppose your mobile case is the main reason for the charger not working. In that case, you may also try some other portable cases available in the market which are Qi-friendly and specially manufactured for wireless charging.

Also, ensure that there is nothing metallic material in the mobile case, i.e., pins, magnets or credit cards, etc., because a metal material interrupts the wireless charging and eventually stops the charging process.

Remove everything from your mobile case. Then put your mobile into the charger and check if it starts working or not. 

Charging port of the Car

Check the charging port of your car. Check it with some other mobile or device to charge it if it works or not because the charging port of the vehicle is the primary source of the power supply to the charging mount.

Therefore you have to ensure that your car’s charging port provides enough power to the charging mount pad.

If the car’s charging port is faulty and you find it out now, you may also use the USB port of your vehicle to power the charging mount. But in that case, your mobile will charge slowly because the USB port in your car will provide output power up to 5W.

So if the car’s charging port is creating problems, then go to the technician to fix it. Now to check it with the iottie wireless car charger, plug the power cable into the car’s charging port.

Put your mobile phone on the charging mount in an aligned position.

USB Charging Cable 

If the basic power cable is provided to give power to the charging mount, then you may also use some other USB cable to power the charging mount.

You can use the sync micro USB-B cable. You can attach the USB cable to your car’s USB port.

Therefore plug off the power of the charging mount and connect the USB charging cable with the USB port and another side with the mount.

Now turn on the charger, put your mobile in the iottie charger, and check if it is working. 

Clean the Ports 

If your car’s wireless charger is still not working, then you need to check the ports of the car and the wireless charger. To check the docks, you should check the surface of the charging coil of the wireless charger.

As you know, wireless charging is weaker than wired charging; some dirt can interrupt the charging process or even stop the charger from working.

If there is dirt in the port of the Lottie charging mount or the car plug, you may have first remove it. You can use a needle or a brush to clean the ports and remove dirt from them.

Use a small microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the charging mount.

After cleaning everything, plug the charger into the power plug of your vehicle and place your mobile phone in the correct position on the charging pad.

Turn on the charger and check if it works.

Hardware Problem

If all the above is going well and your charger is still not working, then you need to visit a technician because your charger has some hardware issue, and that’s why it is not working.

But if the technician could not do anything for it, then check the warranty online to see if your charger is in the warranty or not.

If your charger has a warranty, replace it with another one from where you bought it. 

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