How to Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera? (Solved)

Wyze cameras have easily integrated into contemporary life in an era characterized by swift technological breakthroughs, providing homes and businesses with a cost-effective and reliable monitoring solution.

These small gadgets have proven to be really useful for keeping an eye on and protecting our spaces.

However, the requirement to reset their connectivity occurs when conditions inevitably change. This may be caused by a variety of circumstances, including moving, upgrading the network equipment, or wanting to maximize and refine the camera’s performance by joining a new Wi-Fi network.

This article particularly caters to queries about the Wyze camera’s connection to the Wi-Fi. If you want to know further, keep reading the article but before that, here is a quick view of the Wyze camera features:

Wyze cameraIntroduction
Recording typeReal-time video feed
MotionsDetect movements and send alerts
Data table showing Wyze camera features

What to do to change the Wi-Fi on the Wyze cameras?

Wi-Fi router
It’s important to follow the instructions to change the Wi-Fi on Wyze cameras

You must adhere to a few instructions to modify the Wi-Fi connection to which your Wyze camera is linked. The camera needs to be reset before anything else.

This can usually be done by finding the reset key on the camera and pressing and holding down it for a specific period. A visual signal, which might be a flashing LED light, shows the camera has been reset throughout this process.

Then download the Wyze application on your mobile device or laptop. The “+” symbol or another option like “Add a Device” should be found in the app’s user interface.

Choose your particular Wyze camera version from the available list of supported gadgets. By doing this, you start the procedure for joining the camera to your network once more.

The camera will then need to be connected to your newly installed Wi-Fi network.

To choose a Wi-Fi connection and enter the password for the new network, adhere to the guidelines displayed on the screen. The app will lead you through this process to make sure the camera connects to the new Wi-Fi settings.

The app should show a notification after the camera is properly linked to the new Wi-Fi connection. This suggests that the camera is now linked to the recent internet.

How To Connect Wyze Camera To New WiFi?

Is it possible to connect Wyze on more than one device?

Yes, Wyze cameras can be connected to several devices.

Having the same Wyze account, Wyze enables you to connect to and see your cameras from numerous cell phones or devices.

This capability is particularly helpful in homes or workplaces when several people need to see the cameras. Here’s how you can do it:

  • On all devices, you intend to link to the cameras, and download and set up the Wyze application.
  • Start the app, then log in using your pre-existing Wyze account or make another one.
  • After logging in, select “Add a Device” or the “+” symbol in the app. Add your Wyze cameras by following the guidance provided for each device.
  • You may access and watch the camera recordings from any of the linked devices after connecting the cameras to each one. No matter the device you’re utilizing, you can access the cameras linked to your account.

What is the way to log into the Wyze camera?

You must utilize the Wyze app, which is accessible on both the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and the App Store of Apple for iOS devices, in order to log into a Wyze camera. Open the application on the device you are using after installation.

By entering the email address, you registered with and password, you can access your Wyze account if you already have one. The application gives new users the choice to sign up for an account via the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” interface.

You may see your camera’s live stream and change its settings by touching on its name or picture in the application once it has been integrated into your account. Furthermore, to enter into the Wyze app and control your camera from afar, a strong internet connection is required.

Wyze Camera
Wyze cameras are smart and budget-friendly

Is it necessary for Wyze to be connected to Wi-Fi?

For Wyze cameras to function effectively, a stable Wi-Fi connection is indeed a necessity.

These cameras are designed to leverage Wi-Fi connectivity to carry out their core functions, which primarily revolve around providing live video monitoring and remote access.

When you’re away from your home or business, a Wi-Fi connection enables you to tap into your camera’s video feed from your smartphone or tablet via the Wyze app.

This remote access hinges entirely on the camera’s ability to communicate with the app over the internet, facilitated by the Wi-Fi connection.

Additionally, Wyze cameras offer motion or sound detection alerts, which notify you when activity is detected within the camera’s field of view. These alerts are also dependent on Wi-Fi connectivity to send notifications to your mobile device promptly.

Without a reliable Wi-Fi connection, the camera’s ability to send alerts and notifications to keep you informed would be compromised.

Wyze camera powered by a solar panel
A stable Wi-Fi connection is needed for Wyze cameras to work efficiently.

How to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity to the Wyze camera?

As stated above, Wyze cameras need a stable Wi-Fi connection to work smoothly but sometimes your internet just seems to lag or it’s simply not compatible with your cameras. This can be a bit frustrating but don’t worry.

Here are some reasons why Wyze camera is not connecting to the internet and their solutions:

  1. Check your Wi-Fi speed: Use any speed tool to check your bandwidth. Wyze cameras need an upload speed of at least 1-2 Mbps for SD and 4-7 Mbps for HD
  2. Number of devices that are connected to the WiFi: The more devices connected to your WiFi, the poorer the signal so try disconnecting the devices that are not using the internet. In addition to that, if you connect devices that are too old, they may further slow your connection.
  3. Check your connection: All Wyze devices except Wyze Video Doorbell Pro don’t work on a 5 GHz network so if you’re connected to a network that’s 5g, you better change that.
  4. Interference and distance: Is there any obstacle between your camera and router like a TV, furniture, fridge, or a big wall? How far away is the camera from the router? These things can be a reason for poor connectivity.

Final Verdict

  • Wyze cameras seamlessly integrate into modern life, offering affordable monitoring solutions.
  • Adapting to changing circumstances often requires adjusting Wi-Fi connections.
  • The process involves resetting the camera, downloading the app, and connecting to the new network.
  • Wyze cameras can be connected to multiple devices using the same account.
  • A stable Wi-Fi connection is crucial for live streaming, remote access, alerts, and more.
  • You can try improving your internet connectivity to Wyze cameras by checking your WiFi speed, making sure you don’t connect the camera to 5g connections, reducing the interference and distance between the camera and the router, and decreasing the number of devices connected to the WiFi at a time.

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